About us

Our team is dynamic, agile and perfectly coordinated. We provide all aspects of a film & video production . Therefore we are able to deliver films with a high quality, cinematic visual expression and still offer reasonable pricing.

For larger productions we put together a team for the task. We are based in Copenhagen but can easily work globally. We have lived in several different countries and speak 9 languages.

Isabelle Denaro

Isabelle is a multi-artist. Whether it is via music, film, acting or writing, she has a talent to tell a story and convey a message. She has film industry experience and is in charge of developing the idea and the manuscript, as well as production, interviewing, instructing, directing and editing. As a singer and musician, Isabelle has a natural ability to select the perfect music to accompany your production. She can also be used as a voice-over, when requested. LinkedIn