Film & Video

We are filmmakers and specialists in video production, with film industry experience and state og the art equipment. We capture the essence of your persona, company, organization, product, idea, music or art and translate it into a professional and aesthetical visual language that touches your target audience emotionally and inspires to action. We guide you through the whole process, assisting you in defining the objective of the video and thereby its content, speak, ambience, music, look, location…. During the filming process we instruct you and/or the professional actors with expertise. Editing is an art. We know how to tell the story in a harmonic and free-flowing manner, making the message powerful. Our videos often give viewers the chills, bring forth tears in their eyes, produce warmth in their hearts or make them smile spontaneously.

Storytelling with focus on emotivity and authenticity

Sparring partnership with broad industry and business insight

Talented direction with important and decisive supervision

Human insight and a quick understanding of what is essential

We offer


  • Idea Development
  • Storyline
  • Manuscript
  • Storyboard
  • Choice and purchase of music
  • Location spotting


  • Recordings with professional cameras, sound & lighting
  • Professional directing
  • Transportation in all of DK
  • Transportation abroad
  • Multiple languages


  • Editing
  • Color grading
  • Graphics
  • Subtitles (multiple languages)
  • Speak
  • Formats for SoMe

Core competencies

We are film school educated and trained and have experience from the film industry, use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques and are experts in the art of editing.

We translate your core messages sharply and professionally into videos that touch viewers emotionally..

We have a talent for optimizing the available resources and offer a fantastic price/quality ratio.


”Creativity, efficiency and smooth communication are words that perfectly describe our collaboration with Make Impact Films, and we have received a very positive feedback on the video; as well as new clients!”

Gitte Peyro-Saint Paul, Danish Design (Paris) / Interior Design & Decoration

”I had no doubts whatsoever when choosing Isabelle to produce my brand film. I think most people can learn the technical part of filmmaking. But Isabelle knows how to translate feelings, sensations and values into images and sound. And THAT means everything.”

Dan Ravn, Naked Goat (Kbh) / Corporate Kreativitet & Innovation

From my very first meeting with Make Impact Films and Isabelle Denaro my experience has been that of a rare and deep professionalism. Editing, expression, choice of music, colors; Isabelle knows how to make it all come together.

Anja Vintov, Vibrant Leader Systems Journey / Growth & Development

”Isabelle made a better brand movie than I could ever have imagined, and she told my story in a way, I didn’t even know myself. If you want a film that makes people listen – book Isabelle.”

Pernille Sandberg Bech, Goodtalks / Network Tech Platform

”Isabelle and Marco from Make Impact Films are the creators of a brand film that took my business to next level to reach new “high end” clients. Isabelle and Marco are dedicated storytellers, with a strong focus on getting the key message through.”

Kristine Nygaard , Kiss The Frog / Illustrator & Visual Facilitator

“The end product is excellent – both technically and creatively speaking. And Isabelle has been extremely flexible and has shown a very good understanding of my particular activity and message. It’s been a pleasure!“

Bastian Overgaard, Silent Co-creation (Kbh) / Mødefacilitering & Foredrag

”Make Impact Films helped me clarify and define my messages and translated them into a sharp and elegant videos about who I am, and what I offer”

Vicky Arnbak, Ressources pour la vie (Paris) / Corporate coaching

”Make Impact Films understood our vision instantly and helped us take it to the next level. We felt that we got value for money, thanks to the quality of the productions and the time Isabelle & Marco dedicated to planning, filming and editing!”

Nikita Rossing, Rene Poter (Kbh) / Self-service Dogwash

It was an absolute pleasure to work with SUCH a passionate and professional person like Isabelle. She truly has the ability to tap into people’s inner core and see them for who they are. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Giovanni Niese, FokusDanmark (Aabenraa) / Corporate Consulting & Education